Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives


Pioneering Performance-Driven Approaches to Conservation


We design performance-driven approaches to conservation, aligning public and private sector objectives to create resilient water, land and wildlife resources. We envision a society that innovates and invests to strengthen the environment.


1. Improve the Environment

We focus our actions to create more ecosystem services from land, water and wildlife.

2. Open and Honest Communication

We engage clients, employees, partners and stakeholders to discuss opportunities and challenges in an honest and timely manner such that all are informed and there are no surprises.

3. Create Enduring Policies, Programs and Tools

We don’t write static reports. We are motivated by using analytical techniques and innovative thinking to develop long-lasting solutions for our clients.


We are environmental thought leaders pioneering a new wave of conservation, helping people get the most from their investments in the environment. Since our establishment in 2004, we have become a leading adviser on natural resource programs and policies across the country and internationally. Environmental Incentives is a small but growing consulting firm with three offices across the US.

Our Leadership Team

Jeremy Sokulsky

Chad Praul
Partner, Water Practice Lead

Liz Lauck
International Conservation Practice Lead, Chief of Party

Eoin Doherty
Wildlife & Land Practice Lead, Senior Associate

Andrew Alexandrovich
Company Health Practice Lead

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