Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Financial Analysis & Budgeting

Optimize resources for sustained conservation outcomes

Program administrators increasingly face unfunded mandates, budget cuts, and demands for greater accountability by tax and rate payers. Novel financing options to meet these challenges are emerging, but navigating the changing landscape to select the optimal strategy is complex. Leveraging financial decision-support tools and innovative financing vehicles, organizations can maximize the impact of their funding.


Leverage financing options to increase program effectiveness

Understanding the financial impacts of alternative scenarios can lead to better decision-making and the ability to allocate capital resources that will achieve the greatest environmental outcomes.

Smart budgeting sustains effective & impactful programs

Strategically applying funding to tackle the most cost-effective options first and take advantage of lower cost financing options can make your budget, and impact, go further.


Financial Analysis for Decision-making

We conduct cost-benefit, pro-forma, and external and internal financial analyses to inform effective decision making by program administrators.

Optimized Finance Strategies

We can help you understand your financing options and design approaches that ensure the greatest amount of possible funding is used to achieve your objectives.


Analysis in San Diego Evaluates Costs and Benefits of Scenarios to Limit Bacteria Entering Waterways

Environmental Incentives conducted a Cost-Benefit Analysis to evaluate alternative scenarios to achieve San Diego Region Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs), calculating the costs and benefits to human health, environment, and recreation for each option. Findings indicate that targeting human sources of bacteria is the most cost-effective strategy to improve public health and recreation. This, along with other findings, will help policy makers as they consider changes to TMDL implementation that could lead to greater benefits at a lower overall cost.


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