Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Program & Policy Design


Policy, science and economics can be like ships in the night: working toward the same goal but failing to effectively coordinate and communicate.  Policies are frequently adopted without the economic analysis that ensures the policy will motivate the desired behavior of targeted constituencies or without clearly understanding the administrative cost of implementation compared to other policy alternatives.  Significant bodies of science are available that are not influencing policy or do not directly fit within policy constructs.  By using clearly defined, measurable objectives, policies can deliver specific, mutually-desired outcomes that combat the disconnect between regulators, industry and other stakeholders.

At EI, we design environmental policy that creates effective incentives and achieves clearly defined objectives. We use a multi-criteria analytical framework coupled with proven stakeholder facilitation techniques to evaluate existing and proposed policies, and design broadly supported environmental policy to change the conversation and create successful environmental outcomes.


Our strategies and offerings include:

  • Rigorous economic analyses to ensure that policies intended to create financial incentives will motivate the desired behavior of targeted constituencies.
  • Demand analyses and other methods to clearly define the interest and priorities of target audiences to ensure the policy will be effective.
  • Scenario analyses to thoroughly understand the consequences of a proposed policy.
  • Stakeholder facilitation and review processes.
  • Real-time policy analysis and innovative policy design to support our partners and clients in local and national policy negotiations.
  • Partnerships with scientific communities and synthesis of scientific findings to inform our policy design and leverage the best-available science for optimal environmental outcomes.

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