Cost-Benefit Analysis San Diego Region Bacteria TMDLs

  December 7, 2017

Pathogens can threaten the health of those who recreate along the coastline and creeks of San Diego and Orange Counties. With partner ECONorthwest, Environmental Incentives conducted a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) to evaluate various scenarios to limit the bacteria entering the region’s coastal ecosystems, set forth by the 2010 Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Load. The CBA quantifies total benefits and cost-effectiveness of each scenario, helping to inform decision makers as they consider changes to TMDL implementation that could lead to greater benefits at a lower overall cost.

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Colorado Delta Funding Framework Executive Summary

  November 14, 2017

The proposed Colorado Delta Conservation Funding Framework will enable the Delta Partnership to scale and achieve the long-term financial and institutional sustainability necessary to support conservation success throughout the Delta – including water, restoration and stewardship needs. The framework defines three programmatic components that can help to achieve regional restoration goals, communicate restoration success, and attract donors to invest in the Delta – Performance Measures, Financial & Institutional Sustainability and Conservation Certificates.

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Climate Change is Happening, Conservation is Not – At Least Not at the Rate and Scale Needed

  October 17, 2017     Jeremy Sokulsky

Our need to mitigate and adapt to climate change adds to the existing stress on California’s water and land resources. As tax payers continue to approve billions of dollars for conservation, we have the responsibility to innovate how bonds and general funds are used, maximizing their impact to achieve multiple goals. Moving beyond policies that… Read more »

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