Maria exploring the city of Marrakech, Morocco.

5 Minutes With Maria Abragan

We sat down for five minutes with Maria Celes Abragan who supports... Read more »

Water Kiosk at Nganga-Imwe Piped Scheme in Kitui County, Kenya.

Nuance and Numbers: Monitoring Incremental Change for Sustainable WASH Systems

Welcome to the third and final installment in our MEL Blog Series.... Read more »

farms lined up against the river

A Foundation’s Perspective on Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Welcome to the second installment in our MEL Blog Series. Revisit our... Read more »

Sticky notes of sustainable progress

Beyond Bean Counting: Insights from Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Frameworks

Welcome to the first installment of our MEL Blog Series. Learn more... Read more »

conservation and research in colombia

How Can We Address Mismatches in Conservation Research and Practice?

This blog, coauthored by Natalie Dubois and Rebecca Jarvis, originally appeared on... Read more »

2 woman in a field practicing sustainable farming

Linking Knowledge Management to Environmental Solutions

When I talk about my passion for protecting the environment, I'm often... Read more »

Ms. Annette Kenganzi and Ms. Justine Namara at an Inception Workshop in Uganda.

Natural Capital and Stakeholder Engagement: The Unlikely Keys for Collective Management and Conservation in East Africa 

Stakeholder Engagement—at a Distance Bringing together diverse stakeholders is never simple, and doing so during a global public health crisis... Read more »

sustainable landscaping in Rancho Cucamonga California

From Proposals to Progress: Using Pay for Performance to Mobilize California’s 2020 Water Resilience Portfolio

Governor Gavin Newson released California’s new Water Resilience Portfolio (Portfolio) on July 28, 2020. It highlights common water management challenges across... Read more »

Mauricio Castillo Ferri explores Tokyo

5 Minutes with Mauricio Castillo Ferri

We sat down for five minutes with Mauricio Castillo Ferri (Mau), an... Read more »

Rain Garden at Oregon Convention Center

Envisioning the Future of Stormwater at CASQA 2020

Environmental Incentives is looking forward to sharing our expertise in developing sustainable... Read more »

San Diego River

Performance Measures for Watershed Protection Planning and Evaluation

Watershed protection and restoration investments are critical to maintain benefits and services... Read more »

Kristen Boysen backpacking through aspens

5 Minutes with Kristen Boysen

We sat down for five minutes with Kristen Boysen, an Associate supporting... Read more »

Sunset during covid times

Continuing Our Mission During COVID-19

Friends,  First, on behalf of all of us at Environmental Incentives, we... Read more »

View of Lake Tahoe from Mount Bleu

Lake Clarity Crediting Program Reports Continued Load Reductions and Regional Success

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program (LCCP) was formally adopted in 2011 as... Read more »

string demonstration at the SWS annual meeting in Uganda

What are collective action approaches anyway?

By Laura R. Brunson (Millennium Water Alliance), Shawn Peabody (Environmental Incentives), Daniel... Read more »

Powerlines going through a wildflower covered meadow

Pollinator Scorecard Helps Rights-of-Way Managers Restore Habitat

The energy that keeps our lights on traverses the landscape along powerlines,... Read more »

aerial of the land surrounding the Chesapeake Bay

Reducing Nutrients: The Role of Innovative Financing

Excess nutrients in our waterways pose a significant and growing challenge to... Read more »

Kelsey on the NorCal coast

5 Minutes with Kelsey Schueler

We sat down for five minutes with Kelsey Schueler, a Senior Associate... Read more »

Maso Motlow at lake tahoe

5 Minutes with Maso Motlow

Spend five minutes getting to know Maso Motlow, a water resource expert... Read more »

Managing a website to improve the environment

How Can Managing a Website Improve the Environment?

I grew up in a small town in New Mexico—a mountain getaway... Read more »

Community Based Public-Private Partnerships Benefit Local Governments

Last year, the state of Washington began exploring if, and how, public-private... Read more »

Water, Water Everywhere (For Now)

It’s World Water Day! At Environmental Incentives, we feel like every day is water... Read more »

Las Islas Encantadas

For centuries, sailors and whalers called the Galápagos Islands "Las Islas Encantadas"... Read more »

5 Minutes with Erik Anderson

We sat down for five minutes with Erik Anderson, Senior Associate with... Read more »

USAID Recognized for Evidence Excellence

We are thrilled to learn that the United States Agency for International... Read more »

Brittany Ajroud

5 Minutes with Brittany Ajroud

We sat down for five minutes with Brittany Ajroud, who is a Senior... Read more »

We need a new financial model to address California’s most pressing environmental problems

This blog was originally posted on Environmental Defense Fund's Growing Returns Blog.... Read more »

Farming for Resilience

For more than a century, Californians have relied on wells to provide... Read more »

Getting Women in the Room: Lessons in Gender and WASH

What does it mean for a project to be “sustainable”? Most fundamentally,... Read more »

When it Comes to Conservation Spending, What Does it Mean to be Green?

Green bonds are touted as the way to bring capital to environmental... Read more »

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Supporting & Improving Adaptive Management in Mozambique

What does it really mean to collaborate, learn, and adapt? How can... Read more »

Connecting the Drops at CASQA

Alternative compliance. Public-private partnerships. Performance contracting. These are some of the trending... Read more »

Solving the Procurement Puzzle for Flood Infrastructure

How can we maximize the effectiveness of funding for flood and multi-benefit... Read more »

Lessons from 6 Years of Learning & Adapting with USAID

Change management. Increased effectiveness. Continuous Learning. These are the themes that animate... Read more »

Property owner updates their property runoff to the chesapeake bay

When Communities Go Green, Property Owners & Waterways Benefit

Communities around the country are using rebates and incentives to engage residents... Read more »

Without Evidence, Conservation is a Guessing Game

We make decisions every day. We like to think that we use... Read more »

Water in the West Symposium Highlights Need for Innovative Conservation

Last month, Environmental Incentives joined water leaders and innovators at the first… Read more »

Environmental Incentives Joins the B Corp Movement

Environmental Incentives is, and always has been, a business with a purpose:... Read more »

San-Diego-Panoramic at sunset

Three Essential Elements of Regional Compliance Programs

Over the last decade, I’ve seen urban stormwater managers struggle with increasing... Read more »

Paying for Environmental Outcomes: A How-to Guide

How can communities get the most from their investments in the environment?... Read more »

Where Monarch Conservation Meets the Road: A Mobile App for Highway Departments

Roadside vegetation managers around the country are making big changes to curb... Read more »

Tapping into New Funding Sources & Partners to Improve Water Quality

Stormwater managers have been pulled between competing goals – improving water quality,... Read more »

Opening the Door to Alternative Stormwater Compliance

Keeping our streams and coastal areas clean and healthy is a critical... Read more »

International Conservation Practice Welcomes Kathleen Flower, Senior Associate

The International Conservation practice is thrilled to welcome Kathleen Flower, joining the… Read more »

How the Next Farm Bill Can Generate Greater Environmental Outcomes from Taxpayer Dollars

As we gathered with our families and friends this Thanksgiving, we were… Read more »

Early Industry Adoption Signals New Wave of Landscape-Scale Mitigation

The first sage-grouse credit transaction is a defining point in history for landscape-scale… Read more »

How California is Changing the Game for Infrastructure & Species Recovery

Something remarkable is happening in California. Infrastructure agencies and local governments are… Read more »

Climate Change is Happening, Conservation is Not – At Least Not at the Rate and Scale Needed

Our need to mitigate and adapt to climate change adds to the… Read more »

Western State Partners Convene in Pay for Performance Workshop

September 19 – 20, Reno, Nevada. Environmental Incentives and Partners for Western Conservation convened… Read more »

Performance-Driven Stormwater Notches a “Win” in Lake Tahoe

First-year results of the Lake Clarity Crediting Program demonstrate real progress toward… Read more »

Company Health Driving Internal Strategy for Growth

Company Health serves as the central support hub for Environmental Incentives, managing… Read more »

What Do Declining Elephant Populations & Failed Hand Pumps Have in Common?

More than you might think. The conservation and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)… Read more »

Lake Tahoe Crediting Program Exceeds Targets

Local governments and highway departments are exceeding their targets for reducing polluted… Read more »

Evan Branosky with lake tahoe in the background

Water Practice Expands With Senior Associate Evan Branosky

We are excited to welcome to the team Evan Branosky, who joined… Read more »

Draft Bacteria Cost-Benefit Analysis Released

Water-borne pathogens―which cause illnesses and beach closings―are the focus of the San… Read more »

First Greater Sage-Grouse Credits Are Available for Sale in Nevada!

Over 800 credits of high quality Greater Sage-Grouse habitat are available for… Read more »

Environmental Incentives Principles in Practice

Environmental Incentives’ mission is to enhance the environmental systems that sustain healthy… Read more »

Innovative Financing for Stormwater Infrastructure

Municipal governments face rising demands to install projects that reduce stormwater runoff… Read more »

How Do You Know Adaptive Management When You See It?

Environmental policies and programs that lack the ability to demonstrate results are... Read more »

USAID Releases Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program Video

We are proud to announce USAID’s new video called The Biodiversity Cross-Mission… Read more »

Feds Improve National Mitigation Standards

On November 21st, the revised and finalized US Fish & Wildlife Service… Read more »

Sage Grouse habitat

Nevada announces another $1,200,000 of seed-funding to generate Conservation Credit System Credits

The Nevada Conservation Credit System (“Credit System”) is heading into its third… Read more »

Performance-Driven Conservation Embraced by New Federal Policies

Two draft policies recently released by the US Fish & Wildlife Service,… Read more »

The Stormwater Compliance Paradox

“Albina Triangle.” Green Streets RSS. The City of Portland, Oregon, n.d. Web…. Read more »

EI Leads Stormwater Cost-Benefit Analysis for City of San Diego

San Diego’s coastline and water resources are crucial to its attractiveness and… Read more »

Name Your Price for Conservation

At what price would you do a conservation project on your land?… Read more »

BLM and permittees want to use the Conservation Credit System to offset unavoidable impacts

On June 24, 2016, BLM released the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)… Read more »

Partnership with Sitka Technology Group continues to produce successes for our clients

EI created a formal partnership with Sitka Technology Group in 2015 in… Read more »

Monarch HQT developed by EI tested at TX ranch

(Originally Published on Environmental Defense Fund’s Growing Returns Blog) By David Wolfe A… Read more »

Environmental Incentives wins USAID Video Contest

On October 1, 2015, the video storyboard entry by Environmental Incentives (EI)… Read more »

butterfly demonstrating sustainability on a twig

The “AirBnB for Butterflies”

A recent article published by profiles efforts by EDF, Monarch Lab… Read more »

How California farmers can help salmon survive, and what’s in it for them

(Originally Published on Environmental Defense Fund’s Growing Returns Blog) Already an endangered species,… Read more »

Nevada landowners eager to generate conservation credits, help sage-grouse

  (Originally Published on Environmental Defense Fund’s Growing Returns Blog) The state… Read more »

Sage Grouse habitat

Nevada announces $2,000,000 to generate sage-grouse habitat credits & kick start Credit System market

On December 9th, 2015, the State of Nevada announced that funds are available… Read more »

EIP Project Tracker Offers Window to Tahoe’s Restoration

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, a long-time client of Environmental Incentives, published… Read more »

President Obama Confirms: Use Pay for Success and Expect Net Benefit for the Environment

On November 3, 2015 President Obama released the Presidential Memorandum: Mitigating Impacts… Read more »

Our Pay-For-Success Investment Instrument Conservation Innovation Grant is selected

On Sept. 15, 2015, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced… Read more »

Measuring Impact - making Use of the Portfolio: Organizational Learning at USAID

Learning from Learning Efforts- Organizational Learning at USAID

Learning from experiences to improve future actions has been a priority of… Read more »

Tahoe – Lake Clarity Crediting Program Version 2.0

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program represents the foundation of Environmental Incentives’ performance… Read more »

Transparent Tahoe: 10+ Years Protecting & Improving the Basin

“Where did the money go? What do you have to show for… Read more »

tahoe clarity demonstrated at sand harbor

Jeremy Sokulsky Provides Key Note Address at Connections 2015

Environmental Incentives’ CEO, Jeremy Sokulsky, provided the key note address at the… Read more »

Announcing a New Partnership

April 22nd, 2015 — Today Environmental Incentives (South Lake Tahoe, CA) and… Read more »

Environmental Markets Brought to Life!

Curious how stakeholders in a Habitat Exchange interact and participate to produce… Read more »

foggy meadow showing no signs of human impact

EI Policy Appears In California Water Bond

Regional Environmental Accounting and the Central Valley Habitat Exchange have been included… Read more »

TMDL Online Interface is Live!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Lake Tahoe TMDL… Read more »

Grouse in the Nevada Desert

REA for Sage-Grouse Planning and Mitigation

EI is currently leading the development of the Nevada Conservation Credit System,… Read more »

mammoth Lakes California

Town of Mammoth Lakes Community Indicators Report Released

The Town of Mammoth Lakes has released the inaugural Town of Mammoth… Read more »

Colorado Habitat Exchange Gains National Attention

  The greater sage grouse is a large, ground-dwelling bird that relies… Read more »


Lesser Prarie Chicken Habitat Exchange Gains National Attention

Can we develop our nation’s energy resources and foster economic growth in… Read more »

United States Capitol Building at night

EI Opens An Office In Washington, DC

Environmental Incentives is excited to announce the opening of a Washington, D.C…. Read more »