REA for Sage-Grouse Planning and Mitigation

  August 8, 2014

Grouse in the Nevada Desert Tim Torell

EI is currently leading the development of the Nevada Conservation Credit System, a regional environmental accounting program to achieve Greater Sage-Grouse conservation planning and mitigation objectives in the State of Nevada. The Credit System establishes a framework to track quantified impacts and benefits across the landscape, target conservation investments to maximize environmental return on investment and ensure robust compensatory mitigation using functional-acres.

In July, EI produced “Using the Credit System for GrSG Conservation Planning and Mitigation”, a white paper to help stakeholders better understand the benefits of implementing the Credit System, and aid Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service staff analyze the effects of integrating the Credit System into Resource Management Plans. Some specifics of the Credit System are still under development, however the program is clearly defined in the latest drafts of the Credit System Manual and Habitat Quantification Tool Methods documents available on the State of Nevada Sagebrush Ecosystem Program website.

To learn more about the Nevada Conservation Credit System please visit our projects page


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