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Environmental Incentives


Pioneering innovative solutions for water quality and urban stormwater management

Our Approach

Stormwater is the only growing source of water pollution in many watersheds in North America. Meanwhile, demand for freshwater supply is increasing due to climate change and a growing population. Stormwater and watershed program managers, along with regulators, must find ways to cost-effectively achieve water quality targets while allowing beneficial development to occur.  Environmental Incentives’ performance-driven approach enables managers to maximize the impact of available budgets and get credit for verified performance.

Internationally, we are supporting monitoring, evaluation, and learning efforts to improve the sustainability of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services. Learn more about our international water and development work.

Alternative Compliance Programs

We design alternative compliance approaches that allow regulatory flexibility to achieve permit requirements and create an opportunity to engage the private sector in contributing to water quality goals. Offsite compliance can create net environmental benefits while decreasing the cost of compliance. These programs have successfully brought private capital to stormwater programs in Washington D.C and leveraged private property to treat stormwater pollutants across the country.

Crediting Program Design

We design turnkey water quality crediting programs that inspire stakeholders to restore water bodies while allowing flexibility to select the most cost-effective strategies. These performance-driven programs define metrics that harness multiple incentives, link project benefits to regional watershed goals, and provide permittees credit for effective action through tracking and reporting systems.


Strategic Funding Portfolios 

We help stormwater programs unlock new funding sources and expand the capacity to invest public funds wisely. We work to align the goals, and budgets, of multiple departments and establish public-private partnerships to manage risk in a way that makes green infrastructure projects a reality.

Multi-Benefit Project Reporting

Green stormwater infrastructure projects provide multiple benefits linked to sustainability, climate resiliency, and community development goals. By quantifying these multiple benefits, we help rally and sustain public support for bond-funded programs. Our approach aligns long-term plans with reporting techniques that enable agencies to act like investors, and leverage public funding to gain the best environmental return on investments.

Featured Projects

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Cost-Benefit Analysis evaluates implementation changes to achieve Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads, with greater benefits and at a lower cost, in the waterways of San Diego and Orange Counties.... Read more

Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe, formally adopted in 2011, measures the total amount of key pollutants entering the lake from urban stormwater and sets load reduction targets... Read more

Lake Tahoe TMDL Management System

The TMDL Management System is a coordinated set of procedures that enable effective and transparent adaptive management of Lake Tahoe TMDL implementation.... Read more

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