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Environmental Incentives

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Our Approach

Natural ecosystems and wildlife are under increasing pressure from society’s growing demand for houses to live in, roads to get around, and resources to keep them warm and fed. To both protect and increase critical habitat, we need more effective and efficient approaches to conservation.

We believe that humans and wildlife can exist in harmony by recognizing the multiple benefits that a single acre of land can provide and directing conservation efforts to where they will be most effective across a landscape. Using data and performance incentives, we help our clients create integrated systems that make habitat projects more effective, deliver better results, and inspire lasting behavior change.

Market-based Solutions

We design and support market-based conservation programs that bring diverse stakeholders to the table – such as farmers and ranchers – to create and sustain habitat in support of regulatory or community conservation drivers. We have worked on credit systems and habitat exchanges for critical species such as monarch butterflies, sage-grouse, and Chinook salmon.

Learn how our work culminated in the first habitat exchange credit transaction in the country.

Conservation Funding Strategies

We help our clients and partners tailor solutions to get the most out of their investment in the environment and ensure the long-term financial sustainability of programs. By unlocking new funding sources and doing more with existing resources, we create the foundation to maximize environmental return on investment.

Multi-benefit Project Design & Funding

Large-scale infrastructure projects can create benefits for both communities and species. We help these projects become a reality by measuring the different conservation and other values achieved, and designing implementation strategies that bring multiple funders together around a common set of project goals.

We’re designing the first Mitigation Credit Agreement in California to improve flood safety infrastructure and create habitat for listed species on productive agricultural lands.

Featured Projects

Mitigation Credit Agreements

Challenge In California, infrastructure, habitat, and agriculture are often competing for the... Read more... Read more

Nevada Conservation Credit System

The Conservation Credit System (Credit System) is a pro-active solution to ensure impacts from human activities generate a net benefit for the sage-grouse species, while enabling human activities vital to... Read more

Pay for Performance for Western States

We're working with Partners for Western Conservation and state agencies from three western states to develop and test pay for performance contracts that incentivize conservation on working lands.... Read more

Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange

We are working with EDF and Monarch Lab to develop the Monarch Habitat Quantification Tool (HQT), which will be a key feature of the Monarch Habitat Exchange. The HQT will... Read more

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