Evidence in Action

Using and Generating Evidence about Effectiveness in Biodiversity Programming

Evidence in Action helps program managers and implementers use, generate, and apply evidence to the design of biodiversity and development projects in the USAID context. This resource is comprised of four units, and is a deliverable of the Measuring Impact activity.

Unit 1: Understanding an Evidence-Based Approach

Provides an introduction to evidence and evidence-based approaches to biodiversity programming in the context of the USAID Program Cycle.

Unit 2: Using Evidence

Focuses on the critical review and use of evidence to increase the effectiveness of biodiversity programs.

Unit 3: Generating Evidence

Identifies Program Cycle processes that teams can use to generate credible evidence about the effectiveness of biodiversity programs.

Unit 4: Building the Evidence Base

Highlights ways in which evidence can be shared and applied to strengthen biodiversity programs across USAID.

To learn more about Evidence in Action visit the USAID Biodiversity Conservation Gateway