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Environmental Incentives

New Report on Intersection of Agriculture, Technology, Environment, and Society

Young woman with laptop standing on field in sunset and looking at tractor baling

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) recently published “Agriculture Technology Discovery Report,” a multidimensional analysis co-authored by Environmental Incentives. The report analyzed emergent technology fields–artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and automation, biologicals, and genetics–and the role they play in modern agriculture. The research assessed how each technology supports and enhances climate-smart agriculture goals such as reducing water use, supporting soil and plant health, controlling pests and diseases, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

While standard industry reports center on maximizing yield alone, the EDF research goes further and identifies opportunities to use technology to increase production and simultaneously advance environmental and social outcomes. In their companion blog, EDF calls for more multi-disciplinary research and policy solutions to make these technologies accessible and affordable to farmers.

Environmental Incentives’ Habitat Team, including Megan Murray and Katie Riley, partnered with EDF to produce the Agriculture Technology Discovery Report. As technology becomes increasingly available and integrated with agricultural operations, it is imperative to identify and strengthen practices that deliver multiple benefits.


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