Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Assessing Our Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Photo by Steve Hardeman.

Living our organizational values as individuals and as a company is core to our culture at Environmental Incentives. As we work to strengthen our clients’ and partners’ capacity to build human and natural resilience to adapt to climate shocks, we also recognize that we must hold ourselves accountable to address the causes of climate change. With these principles in mind, we have launched an internal sustainability initiative to understand our carbon footprint and design a companywide reduction action plan.

We’re pleased to share that we are working with the global carbon emission platform, Greenly, to measure and establish a baseline of our emissions from all our leased and controlled facilities and our remote work practices. Our 2022 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report enables us to identify our primary emission sources in order to better understand how we can adjust our individual and organizational behaviors to sustainably reduce our emissions.

Since our founding over fifteen years ago, we’ve helped public and private sector decision-makers around the world align incentives and produce reportable, tangible outcomes. Today we have a deep understanding of the power of adaptive, evidence-informed approaches and we’re committed to following that same approach in our efforts to reduce our carbon emissions.