Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Environmental Incentives Awarded USAID’s Economics of Natural Capital in East Africa Contract

Gorilla in East Africa
Photo: Jason Houston for USAID

Environmental Incentives (EI) has been awarded the Economics of Natural Capital in East Africa project to support USAID/Kenya and East Africa and the East African Community. The 2.5-year contract will be led by EI and implemented in partnership with Anchor Environmental Consultants.

In East Africa, many important conservation landscapes straddle the borders of two or more countries. These conservation landscapes play an important role in regional economies, but it has been a policy-making challenge to account for the value of these areas to communities and countries in the region. EI and Anchor will engage Partner States, institutions, organizations, and communities in an economic analysis of wildlife and wildlife habitats. The findings will provide evidence to support the conservation and management of natural capital in these transboundary landscapes for the benefit of communities and countries in the East Africa Region. Given the current interruption in tourism revenues to the region, this is particularly important to inform regional, national, and community decisions about the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat.

EI helps clients like USAID/Kenya and East Africa support an evidence-based approach to planning and decision-making to improve development outcomes. Drawing on the expertise of local partners, we will help communities and policymakers identify shared priorities and develop approaches that help sustain the benefits that nature provides to the people of East Africa.  

“A facilitated regional effort will help address national‐level factors that lead to the decline in wildlife populations and habitat loss,” said Dr. Nicholas Oguge, Chief of Party for the project.  

As a certified B-Corporation, EI is a mission-driven small business that helps clients in the public and private sectors use evidence and learning to improve the outcomes of their investments in conservation and development. EI’s team of performance management experts supports government agencies, partners, and conservation organizations to design, implement, and learn from more effective programs.