Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives



Measuring Efforts to Combat Wildlife Crime: A Toolkit for Improving Action and Accountability

Developed for any organization concerned with poaching and illegal wildlife trade, USAID’s Combating Wildlife Crime toolkit recommends indicators for monitoring progress and effectiveness of 10 major strategic approaches for combating... Read more

Municipal Water

Lake Tahoe TMDL Management System Handbook

Describes the adaptive management system implemented by the Lahontan Water Board and NDEP to guide successful implementation of the Lake Tahoe TMDL... Read more


Nevada Conservation Credit System User’s Guide v1.1

The User’s Guide describes the detailed steps necessary to calculate credits and credit obligations for credit and debit sites, respectively, for the Nevada Conservation Credit... Read more


Nevada Conservation Credit System – Pilot Project

A family owned and operated ranch in northeast Nevada volunteered to the State of Nevada’s Sagebrush Ecosystem Program (SEP) the use of a planned habitat enhancement project as a pilot... Read more