Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives



Performance-Driven Stormwater and the Lake Clarity Crediting Program

Real progress is being made to reduce pollutants from entering Lake Tahoe. We know because the Lake Clarity Crediting Program tracks and reports water quality results, with a consistent framework... Read more


Pay for Performance Contract Mechanisms for Stormwater Management

The technical memo describes approaches to using pay for performance contract mechanisms in stormwater management to link payment to the delivery of verified pollutant load reductions. Payments can create financial... Read more

Wildlife & Land

Pay for Performance Strategies for Western States

This technical memo defines multiple pay for success strategies that can be used to leverage public and private funds to achieve verified environmental outcomes. We also define the context in... Read more

International Conservation

Making Use of the Portfolio: Organizational Learning at USAID

This technical analysis explores previous and ongoing social learning efforts, best practices, challenges, and lessons in USAID as a foundation for improving the implementation and design of the Agency’s forestry... Read more