Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives


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Municipal Water

Multi-Benefit Incentive Program Implementation in San Diego County

EI serves as an ongoing technical assistance provider, working to implement the Waterscape Rebate Program, develop and scale program infrastructure, and support new and existing partnerships between the County of San Diego and... Read more

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Municipal Water

Orange County Water Quality Improvement Plan

We are helping South Orange County define performance measures that support the implementation of their Water Quality Improvement Plan.... Read more


Municipal Water

Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships

We worked with Washington State to help local governments design and implement Community-Based Public-Private Partnerships in order to more effectively achieve stormwater and community... Read more

Analyzing the cost to benefit analysis of sustainable tourism

Municipal Water

Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Cost-Benefit Analysis evaluates implementation changes to achieve Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads, with greater benefits and at a lower cost, in the waterways of San Diego and Orange Counties.... Read more

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Municipal Water

Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe, formally adopted in 2011, measures the total amount of key pollutants entering the lake from urban stormwater and sets load reduction targets... Read more