Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Strengthening Systems to Sustain Service Delivery

Our Approach

Access to clean drinking water and sanitation services is essential for healthy communities. Although significant funding has flowed to construction and expansion of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services; sustainability of these services remains a challenge. We’re working with international development partners to understand the challenges and factors that contribute to sustainability of services by building competencies in monitoring, evaluation, and learning processes critical to understanding progress and enabling adaptive management.

Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership 

Environmental Incentives is the learning partner on the Sustainable WASH Systems Learning (SWS) Partnership. SWS is a USAID cooperative agreement led by the University of Colorado Boulder and a consortium of eight partners to address a variety of sectoral challenges and factors that influence WASH service delivery.

Lessons in Gender and WASH

Incorporating women’s empowerment and gender equality into WASH project design and implementation, in a significant way, is a necessary shift that will improve sustainability. But what does that actually look like, and what are the barriers?

Systems Thinking

The understanding that the whole is more than the sum of its parts may be the key to improved performance in both the conservation and WASH sectors. Learn how we’re applying systems thinking and adaptive management to improve sustainability in the WASH sector.

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