Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives


Working with our clients and partners to pioneer a new wave of conservation

Better environmental outcomes can be achieved for lower cost when program strategies are clear and environmental benefits are understood. Environmental Incentives is pioneering a new, performance-driven approach to increase the environmental return on investment and improve program operations and management. We bring diverse stakeholders to the table – such as landowners, developers, environmentalists, and public agencies – to conserve resources, save money, and drive performance.

Environmental Incentives developed its flagship program in California to improve the way public funds were being spent on efforts to address the decline in Lake Tahoe’s famous lake clarity. Today, the performance-driven conservation approach has caught on around the country and is being used by a wide-range of stakeholders as the basis for mitigation, regulatory compliance, and publicly funded restoration programs to address environmental issues and improve environmental program design. From federal government agencies to local communities, performance-driven conservation is a proven method for improving conservation practices and driving more effective investments in the environment.

Adaptive Management and Learning

Develop strategic and successful programs, adapt to changing conditions, and learn from experience over time.

Communications & Knowledge Management

Empower effective decision-making by ensuring the right people have the right information at the right time.


Incorporate the measurement and monitoring of key environmental indicators into project and program management.

Pay for Performance

Increase large-scale, outcomes-based conservation and mitigation.

Program Design

Design solution-oriented programs that create effective incentives to tackle complex environmental challenges.