Cost-Benefit Analysis

  January 30, 2018

The Cost-Benefit Analysis evaluates implementation changes to achieve Bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads, with greater benefits and at a lower cost, in the waterways of San Diego and Orange Counties.

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Making Use of the Portfolio: Organizational Learning at USAID

  August 25, 2016

This technical analysis explores previous and ongoing social learning efforts, best practices, challenges, and lessons in USAID as a foundation for improving the implementation and design of the Agency’s forestry and biodiversity programs. This analysis is particularly relevant as USAID begins to develop a Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program under the Measuring Impact project. The findings reported in this document can help inform the overall design and structure of the Learning Program and provide insight into possible challenges and best practices.

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Stakeholder Engagement for Biodiversity Conservation Goals: Assessing the Status of the Evidence


Learning how to communicate and work with different groups builds constituencies to support conservation aims. This publication is an analysis of the evaluation of 148 references, selected through a rigorous systematic review process, to identify key lessons for stakeholder engagement. The report outlines key findings, including critical factors for both externally driven processes and self-organized stakeholder actions. This short brief and a longer research paper were deliverables of the Measuring Impact Project.

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Measuring Efforts to Combat Wildlife Crime: A Toolkit for Improving Action and Accountability


Developed for any organization concerned with poaching and illegal wildlife trade, USAID’s Combating Wildlife Crime toolkit recommends indicators for monitoring progress and effectiveness of 10 major strategic approaches for combating wildlife crime. A situation model and theory of change diagrams are included, both as tools used to identify where monitoring is needed most, and as useful resources for host government, implementing partners and donors engaged in program design and proposal review. This Toolkit is a deliverable of the Measuring Impact project.

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