Environmental Incentives Joins Banyan Global on USAID’s EVAL-ME II IDIQ

  February 5, 2021

Photo by Tanya Martineau, Prospect Arts, Food for the Hungry, for USAID.... Read more » Continue Reading

From Proposals to Progress: Using Pay for Performance to Mobilize California’s 2020 Water Resilience Portfolio

  November 17, 2020

Governor Gavin Newson released California’s new Water Resilience Portfolio (Portfolio) on July 28, 2020. It highlights common water management challenges across... Read more » Continue Reading

Economics of Natural Capital in East Africa Fact Sheet

  September 29, 2020

The Economics of Natural Capital in East Africa Fact Sheet highlights the… Read more »

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Rain Garden at Oregon Convention Center

Envisioning the Future of Stormwater at CASQA 2020

  September 11, 2020

Environmental Incentives is looking forward to sharing our expertise in developing sustainable... Read more » Continue Reading

San Diego River

Performance Measures for Watershed Protection Planning and Evaluation

  September 8, 2020     

Watershed protection and restoration investments are critical to maintain benefits and services... Read more » Continue Reading
USA, Nevada, Denio. Dusk settles over the Bilk Creek Mountains, Denio, Nevada.

First Private Transaction for the Nevada Conservation Credit System

  July 6, 2020

Photo: Ric Ergenbright Nevada’s sagebrush habitats, which host the iconic greater sage-grouse,... Read more » Continue Reading

Lake Clarity Crediting Program Reports Continued Load Reductions and Regional Success

  January 24, 2020     

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program (LCCP) was formally adopted in 2011 as... Read more » Continue Reading

Monarch Roadside Habitat Evaluation Tool published in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution

  October 31, 2019

Environmental Incentives partnered with the Monarch Joint Venture and other monarch experts... Read more » Continue Reading

Pollinator Scorecard Helps Rights-of-Way Managers Restore Habitat

  September 8, 2019     

The energy that keeps our lights on traverses the landscape along powerlines,... Read more » Continue Reading

Pollinator Scorecard User’s Guide

  August 21, 2019

The Pollinator Scorecard and Management Module was developed by the Rights-of-Way as... Read more » Continue Reading

Mid-Sacramento Valley Regional Conservation Investment Strategy

  August 14, 2019

The Mid-Sacramento Valley Regional Conservation Investment Strategy is a locally-driven, non-binding, and… Read more »

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Environmental Incentives Developing Mule Deer Habitat Quantification Tool  

  May 2, 2019

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is working to conserve critical habitat through the... Read more » Continue Reading

USAID Recognized for Evidence Excellence

  February 4, 2019     

We are thrilled to learn that the United States Agency for International... Read more » Continue Reading

We need a new financial model to address California’s most pressing environmental problems

  December 13, 2018     

This blog was originally posted on Environmental Defense Fund's Growing Returns Blog.... Read more » Continue Reading

Environmental Incentives Working with the Puget Sound to Demonstrate Effective Recovery Efforts

  August 14, 2018

Environmental Incentives is partnering with Sitka Technology Group and Hook Environmental to... Read more » Continue Reading

Nevada Conservation Credit System Executes Second Transaction with Newmont Mining

  August 13, 2018

On July 18, 2018, Newmont Mining Corporation and the Nevada Department of... Read more » Continue Reading

Without Evidence, Conservation is a Guessing Game

  July 10, 2018     

We make decisions every day. We like to think that we use... Read more » Continue Reading

Sitka Technology Group Partner Spotlight

  March 5, 2018

Sitka Technology Group is a leading software development provider with decades of… Read more »

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Where Monarch Conservation Meets the Road: A Mobile App for Highway Departments

  March 1, 2018     

Roadside vegetation managers around the country are making big changes to curb... Read more » Continue Reading

Monarch HQT User’s Guide

  December 12, 2017

The South Central User’s Guide provides guidance for landowners and managers in using the Monarch HQT to evaluate current habitat quality on a site and estimating future habitat quality that will result from management actions. Habitat quality and quantity combine into functional acres, the basic currency of the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange.

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Monarch Habitat Quantification Tool Factsheet


Learn more about how the Habitat Quantification Tool informs conservation activities by consistently evaluating habitat quantity and quality for the Monarch Butterfly. Environmental Incentives supported EDF in developing the HQT to facilitate the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange.

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Colorado Delta Funding Framework Executive Summary

  November 14, 2017

The proposed Colorado Delta Conservation Funding Framework will enable the Delta Partnership to scale and achieve the long-term financial and institutional sustainability necessary to support conservation success throughout the Delta – including water, restoration and stewardship needs. The framework defines three programmatic components that can help to achieve regional restoration goals, communicate restoration success, and attract donors to invest in the Delta – Performance Measures, Financial & Institutional Sustainability and Conservation Certificates.

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Early Industry Adoption Signals New Wave of Landscape-Scale Mitigation

  November 13, 2017

The first sage-grouse credit transaction is a defining point in history for landscape-scale… Read more »

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Performance-Driven Conservation Embraced by New Federal Policies

  October 21, 2016

Two draft policies recently released by the US Fish & Wildlife Service,… Read more »

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Monarch HQT developed by EI tested at TX ranch

  June 15, 2016

(Originally Published on Environmental Defense Fund’s Growing Returns Blog) By David Wolfe A… Read more »

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The “AirBnB for Butterflies”

  March 28, 2016

A recent article published by vox.com profiles efforts by EDF, Monarch Lab… Read more »

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Mitigation Credit Agreements

  August 14, 2019

We’re developing the first-ever Mitigation Credit Agreements in the Mid-Sacramento Valley region. Once approved, it can act as an advance crediting mechanism to define robust and transparent methods to assess and quantify habitat improvements.

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Orange County Water Quality Improvement Plan

  August 20, 2019

We are helping South Orange County define performance measures that support the implementation of their Water Quality Improvement Plan.

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Erik Anderson

  July 20, 2016

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Gabrielle Boutemy

  December 9, 2020

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Mule Deer Habitat Quantification Tool

  August 20, 2019

We’re working with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to develop a Mule Deer Habitat Quantification Tool that will support mule deer conservation in the state.

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Measuring Efforts to Combat Wildlife Crime: A Toolkit for Improving Action and Accountability

  August 25, 2016

Developed for any organization concerned with poaching and illegal wildlife trade, USAID’s Combating Wildlife Crime toolkit recommends indicators for monitoring progress and effectiveness of 10 major strategic approaches for combating wildlife crime. A situation model and theory of change diagrams are included, both as tools used to identify where monitoring is needed most, and as useful resources for host government, implementing partners and donors engaged in program design and proposal review. This Toolkit is a deliverable of the Measuring Impact project.

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Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe

  July 28, 2016

The Lake Clarity Crediting Program For Lake Tahoe, formally adopted in 2011, measures the total amount of key pollutants entering the lake from urban stormwater and sets load reduction targets that each city, county and highway maintenance agency must achieve.

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Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange

  June 27, 2016

We are working with EDF and Monarch Lab to develop the Monarch Habitat Quantification Tool (HQT), which will be a key feature of the Monarch Habitat Exchange. The HQT will be use to evaluate habitat suitability, thus informing credit awards assigned to landowners.

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Nathan Chesterman

  March 18, 2019

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Nevada Conservation Credit System User’s Guide v1.1

  August 24, 2016

The User’s Guide describes the detailed steps necessary to calculate credits and credit obligations for credit and debit sites, respectively, for the Nevada Conservation Credit System.

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Yair Cohenca

  February 15, 2021

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Central Valley Habitat Exchange

  August 22, 2016

The Central Valley Habitat Exchange provides an efficient mechanism to protect and restore habitat for multiple species in the Central Valley by creating financial incentives for farmers and ranchers to produce measurable habitat benefits on their land

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Central Valley Habitat Exchange Factsheet

  August 24, 2016

Get a better understanding of how the Central Valley Habitat Exchange will operate and who it will benefit. This 2-page handout provides helpful details about the Exchange and resources to learn more.

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Kathleen Flower, Ph.D.

  September 27, 2017

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Takah Kapikinyu

  March 8, 2021

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Juan Carlos Martinez

  October 15, 2019

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Linda Nico

  September 9, 2020

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  October 8, 2020

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  March 12, 2021

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  July 20, 2020

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