The Nature of Conservation Enterprises: A 20-year Retrospective Evaluation

  July 11, 2018

USAID’s “The Nature of Conservation Enterprises: A 20-year retrospective evaluation of the… Read more »

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Evidence in Action, Unit 1: Understanding an Evidence-Based Approach

  June 6, 2018

Evidence in Action-Unit 1: Using an Evidence-Based Approach provides an introduction to… Read more »

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Nevada Conservation Credit System Improvement Recommendations Report

  December 22, 2017

Key to the long-term success of a conservation program is the adoption of well-supported improvements to the program. Improvements can ensure policies, procedures, and tools continue to support the program’s goals and objectives. The Nevada Conservation Credit System undergoes an annual process to evaluate successes and potential improvements. This report synthesizes the recommended improvements, along with the achievement and challenges of the program, and was adopted by the Sagebrush Ecosystem Council in December, 2016.

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Monarch HQT User’s Guide

  December 12, 2017

The South Central User’s Guide provides guidance for landowners and managers in using the Monarch HQT to evaluate current habitat quality on a site and estimating future habitat quality that will result from management actions. Habitat quality and quantity combine into functional acres, the basic currency of the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Exchange.

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