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San Diego

Chad Praul


Areas of Expertise

  • Water
  • Program & Policy Design
  • Pay for Success Contracting

Education & Certifications

  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley
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Chad is a founding Partner for Environmental Incentives and leads the Water Practice Area. His career is focused on performance-driven approaches to conservation and wise use of financial resources. Chad’s management experience developing conservation strategy for prominent regulatory and restoration programs as well as major environmental organizations enables him to coach teams to extraordinary achievement. Chad refines his performance-driven approach through application of continual improvement and adaptive management techniques pioneered by W. Edwards Deming, Michael Porter and the Open Standards for Conservation.

Chad aspires to pioneer a way to convert all of the solid planning work that underpins TMDLs into effective implementation work that removes hundreds of waterbodies from the 303d list. He believes that by focusing on the essential core of a water quality issue, we can create a functional program to address it. If we can rationally tune the program we can streamline unnecessary elements and maintain relevance over time. If we can shed the complexity of competing standards and monitoring requirements, we can accelerate water quality progress.

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