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Our Purpose

As a Certified B Corporation, our work is rooted in our core principles and values and commitment to our purpose.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create the conditions for human and natural communities to thrive. We do this by helping our partners improve the performance of conservation and development programs.


Environmental Improvement

We choose work and make decisions that enhance the physical, social, cultural, economic, and institutional systems that support natural and human communities.


We value and enhance the assets that are temporarily entrusted to our care or that we influence. We steward relationships with clients, staff, partners, and stakeholders by respecting their needs, priorities, and potential. We ensure taxpayer and donor funds are invested to produce their intended outcomes and actively look out for unintended consequences within complex systems.

Enduring Change

We develop tools and practices that alter the basis for decision-making by aligning social, economic, and environmental objectives. We are systems thinkers who create tailored solutions that work for our partners and their communities beyond the life of our engagement.


Open and Honest

We build on areas of consensus, address challenges, and acknowledge uncomfortable truths. We believe honest feedback makes us and our clients more effective. We adjust our communication style to the context and unique communication needs of our audiences.


Empathetic and Inclusive

We focus on understanding each person and respect their motivations, perspectives, and self-expression within their social, institutional, and cultural context. We celebrate diverse identities and experiences within our teams, workplaces, and communities. Being just, equitable, and inclusive is essential to growing the potential of each individual and advancing the purpose of our organization.

High Quality

We are proud of our work and hold ourselves accountable for delivering insightful products and services. We practice deep listening and leverage diverse perspectives and experience to create tailored solutions that meet the needs of the people and organizations we support.


We adapt our approach to emerging needs, evidence, and experience. We make progress, even in the face of uncertainty. We learn from failure and iterate to solutions that work in diverse cultural and institutional contexts. We take a long view on change management, understanding that enduring change requires vision, leadership, and ongoing support.

Our Commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Environmental Incentives’ purpose is to create the conditions for human and natural communities to thrive. Essential to achieving our purpose is a commitment to centering the experiences and amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups who are most impacted by climate change and human alteration of natural systems.   

We are committed to enabling our clients to defer leadership to local actors and to reflecting and valuing the diversity of the communities we serve within our own organization. 

Together, we can co-create lasting change.

We work with partners to navigate complex challenges and develop effective solutions that achieve sustainable impact.

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