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Climate Change

We address urgent climate issues by strengthening individual and organizational capacity to drive systems change and to build resilience to adapt to and mitigate climate impacts.

Our Approach

Communities around the world are confronting the impacts of the climate crisis. To meet the moment, we must ensure that investments in climate action deliver effective outcomes and that those actions are shaped and owned by local communities. We work with our partners to develop and operationalize solutions to address climate change challenges. As we support local communities to lead these efforts, we are especially attuned to how to communicate and share what works, and what doesn’t. We integrate climate priorities across development sectors in planning and programming at local, national, and regional levels.

Advancing Locally Led Adaptation

EI uses a systems-strengthening approach to support clients and communities with shaping and sustaining solutions to climate adaptation challenges. We help our partners adopt practices to engage local actors more effectively, respectfully, and sustainably, so that those actors define strategies, control interventions, and become long-term stewards of the outcomes. The bottom line is to increase the resilience of their communities.

Principles for Locally Led Adaptation

Integrating Climate Priorities and Managing Climate Risk

We understand the complex challenges our clients and partners face working in climate-impacted sectors including water, environment, agriculture, energy, health, and infrastructure. Our program design and implementation approaches incorporate cross-sectoral climate impact analyses and assessments and provide guidance on addressing the risks posed by climate change. We develop tools and resources for decision makers at all levels to understand and manage climate risk.

Climate Risk Analysis

Facilitating Learning and Communicating Climate Knowledge

EI promotes climate learning and knowledge sharing through technical assistance, training, workshops, coaching, communities of practice, and innovative communications tools and platforms. We translate technical climate information into accessible and actionable content and materials to support effective decision making, planning, and locally led action.

USAID Advancing Capacity for the Environment

Living Our Values

We hold ourselves accountable to living our values and the requirements of our B Corporation certification. As part of our internal sustainability initiative, we are better understanding our corporate carbon footprint and developing an emissions and environmental impact reduction plan. Our 2022 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report measures and establishes a baseline of our emissions from all facilities leased and controlled by EI, as well as the carbon footprint of remote work. In 2022, our combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions measured approximately 22 tCO2e and our Scope 3 emissions measured approximately 1,115 tCO2e. We are committed to further reducing our GHG emissions and will establish annual reduction targets in 2023.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

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