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Environment and Biodiversity

Biodiversity loss and climate change threaten human and natural communities worldwide. Addressing these concurrent crises requires investments in locally led biodiversity conservation and nature-based solutions that advance climate adaptation and mitigation and support the resilience of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Our Approach

Communities face complex, interlocking challenges as the natural environment is degraded at a rapidly escalating pace. With our partners, we strengthen biodiversity conservation and integrate natural resource management across development initiatives. We focus on strengthening individual and organizational capacity for evidence-driven decision making, adaptive management, and dynamic and inclusive program design. Our approach is grounded in adapting and tailoring the Conservation Standards to meet the evolving contexts of our partners’ programs.



To address accelerated biodiversity loss, we need multi-faceted approaches that break down complex scenarios and build stakeholder dialogue. We provide technical support for implementing best practices in adaptive management for conservation, utilizing evidence and learning to strengthen biodiversity programming. We are experts in applying and building capacity to use the Conservation Standards, enabling our clients to develop situation models to better understand local contexts and inform decision-making during activity design, implementation, and monitoring.

Measuring Impact II

Governance and Tenure

Good governance and land tenure are essential for sustainable natural resource management. Using our strategic planning tools and Thinking and Working Politically approaches, we identify issues and their root causes, proposing solutions that are feasible, appropriate, and impactful in varied contexts. In the United States, we partner with city, county, and state governments to develop regulatory frameworks, incentive structures, and collective action platforms that ensure sustainable, locally led solutions to pressing natural resource challenges.

Thinking and Working Politically

Natural Resource Management

Effective natural resource management requires a deep understanding of context and the tools to implement adaptive management. We work with local, regional, and national actors to scale up the evidence-based practice of biodiversity conservation and natural resource management. Through the use of the Conservation Standards and a broad suite of facilitation tools, we help our partners understand the underlying drivers of key threats to biodiversity and human wellbeing. From there, we can identify strategies to effect change at critical intervention points, respond and adapt iteratively throughout program implementation, and share learning across broader communities of practice.

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