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The era of siloed approaches is over—to achieve lasting impact, decision makers must take into account many interlocking challenges and opportunities. We take a systems approach to find actionable solutions to complex problems, integrating climate risk analysis, gender equity and social inclusion, locally led development, and stakeholder engagement.

Our Approach

To create the conditions for humans and nature to thrive, we must take a wider view of interconnected systems and challenges. We help clients to address cross-cutting issues by focusing on improving organizational effectiveness. We design and facilitate inclusive multi-stakeholder processes that enable effective collaboration to create a shared vision. We cultivate a learning mindset to help stakeholders overcome collaboration barriers, build trust, break down complex challenges, and achieve short-term wins. We measure and report progress, helping teams use evidence to adapt to new challenges and emerging information along the way. Through coaching, on-the-job training, and communities of practice, we embed learning in organizations and create inclusive forums where solutions are shaped by many perspectives. As a result, our clients are empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to make incremental progress towards lasting change.

Climate Risk Analysis

Integrating climate risk considerations throughout the lifecycle of a project leads to more resilient, cost-efficient outcomes. We use inclusive stakeholder mapping approaches, robust analytical tools, and nimble knowledge management practices to connect partners with climate risk data and insights and help them translate a complex set of risk factors into actionable pathways to manage climate risk in their programming.

Gender Equity and Social Inclusion

Gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) and principles of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) are fundamental to equitable and lasting change in all sectors. We help our clients design and continuously improve projects and programs that are shaped by the voices and knowledge of women, youth, Indigenous People, and other marginalized groups, and that respond to their priorities. We are mindful of power imbalances and the risk of unintended outcomes, and use tailored facilitation and stakeholder engagement approaches to build trust, respect norms, confirm understanding, and adapt implementation approaches. Our organizational commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) guides our culture, hiring practices, and accountability to our own staff and to our clients and their stakeholders.

Reconizing Women as Drivers of Progress

Locally Led Development

The need for locally led development is clear—community-designed, -owned, and -implemented solutions are more effective and sustainable. Shifting power to local actors requires thoughtful change management and meaningful stakeholder engagement to forge trusting, lasting relationships. Our first principle is to meet individuals and organizations where they are by listening to their priorities, shaping our support to their desired path forward, and providing spaces for them to be accountable for the outcomes they set to achieve. Together, we use systems-strengthening, inclusive approaches to help our clients and partners engage local actors more effectively, respectfully, and sustainably to co-create lasting solutions.

Supporting Locally Owned Water Funds

Stakeholder Engagement

As our clients design solutions to complex development problems, they need to leverage the energy and expertise of the communities they serve while finding common ground among stakeholders ranging from local governments to regional policy-makers to private sector actors. We help these groups co-create a shared vision for success and understand their roles in achieving that vision. We use culturally appropriate facilitation approaches to give voice to diverse stakeholder groups, creating trust by facilitating co-creation of metrics, outcomes, and transparent decision-making. Through the identification of appropriate audiences, communication channels, and key messages, we ensure our clients are engaging stakeholders regularly to change behaviors, share knowledge, create open communication channels, and progress client and stakeholder goals.

Natural Capital and Stakeholder Engagment

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