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Program Design and Implementation

Creating enduring impact begins with inclusive, evidence-based program design. Together with our partners, we co-create approaches with end-users, provide nimble implementation support, and flexibly adapt to test assumptions and ensure lasting outcomes.

Our Approach

We help clients get to the root of an issue by identifying program goals, objectives, and methods for tracking progress. Our experts use proven frameworks—such as the Conservation Standards—to guide organizations through theory of change-based approaches to identify future change pathways and assess the effectiveness of service delivery.


Co-creation is an essential tool for locally led and inclusive development. We work closely with stakeholders and implementers to facilitate intentional, evidence-based co-design sessions that support local leaders to incorporate traditional knowledge, identify community priorities, and define indicators of success on their own terms. From there, we provide ongoing learning and capacity building support to facilitate inclusive adaptive management.

Supporting Andean Water Funds

Pay for Performance

Building resilient communities and ecosystems requires everyone to work together in achieving desired outcomes. We implement pay for performance, an innovative contracting approach to bring together public and private sector actors and shift focus from what has been done in terms of actions or project steps, to what has been achieved related to the issues we care about. By linking payments to the delivery of measurable environmental and community outcomes, pay for performance inspires private-sector innovation to find and implement solutions that work.

Pay for Performance Toolkit

Program Implementation Support

Programs are useful only if they are used. We design programs with end-users in mind and with user-centered approaches to align solutions with participant needs. We support program implementation through prototype and pilot phases to test assumptions and processes, and adapt. With a solid understanding of how programs will perform, we help partners confidently scale programs with support from partners, regulators, and participants.

Incentive Program Implementation Support

Strategy Development

Strategy development is both a process and a product to further organizational vision or programmatic goals. Our approach is a dynamic and iterative process that begins with a thorough analysis of the context to assess internal and external factors, identify emergent opportunities and challenges, set priorities, and construct an evidence-based theory of change to pinpoint the most effective course of action to maximize impact. Through our global network, we incorporate local knowledge, technical sector expertise, and facilitate effective communication and engagement with stakeholders to foster buy-in.

Facilitating Strategy Development

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We can co-create lasting change.

We help our partners improve the performance of conservation and development programs.

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