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Addressing the world’s most urgent challenges requires commitment, creativity, and care. We partner with decision makers at community, regional, and national levels to co-create solutions that bring clarity to complex situations, facilitate collaborative decisions, and integrate adaptability.

Our Expertise

Since 2004, Environmental Incentives has been helping clients improve the performance and sustainability of their conservation and development programs worldwide.

To solve global environment and development challenges, we must maximize the benefit from investments and put incentives in place to ensure lasting systemic change. Our clients and partners know this. They are decision makers in their communities and organizations, from homeowners associations in San Diego, to regional policymaking bodies in East Africa, to USAID Missions and Bureaus. And they come to us when they need collaborative partners with proven tools to design impactful solutions whose results will endure well beyond the life of a program.

As a purpose-driven consultancy, our role at EI is to use our strengths to help our clients make the most of their investments to improve the resilience of human and natural communities through evidence-based, inclusive solutions to complex development challenges. We empower change agents to design solutions that are built on effective stakeholder engagement, evidence-based decisions, and strategic communications that amplify learning to improve outcomes.

They don’t cut corners in producing work.

They don’t have a perfunctory, check-the-box approach that some of the bigger players have. They understand that insight and value take time and expertise.

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We can co-create lasting change.

We help our partners improve the performance of conservation and development programs.

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