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Communication and Knowledge Management

In today's fast-paced and information-rich environment, communication and knowledge management play a pivotal role in preventing valuable insights from being confined in documents or limited to the minds of individuals. We help our clients communicate intricate and complex concepts to move from information to action.

Our Approach

Informed decision making depends on the right people getting the right information at the right time. We support our clients and enhance programming outcomes by creating robust knowledge frameworks that curate, present, and promote knowledge, information, data, and news tailored to the end-user. Our expertise in storytelling and multimedia design, along with strategic communication and knowledge management, allows us to adapt effectively to evolving priorities and contribute to evidence-based decision making.


Knowledge Frameworks

Knowledge management centers on managing people, processes, and platforms to generate, capture, share, and apply knowledge. We help our clients generate new information that contributes to the growing evidence base for more effective, equitable programming. We capture this information in user-friendly ways through web platforms, communities of practice, and synthesized lessons to inform future work. We strategically share this information through creative communication that reaches target audiences while promoting our clients’ thought leadership. Finally, we help our clients apply knowledge through facilitation and organizational development to build capacity for integrated action.

Linking Knowledge Management to Environmental Solutions


Storytelling and Multimedia Design

We harness the transformative power of storytelling and multimedia to help clients create change and mobilize action. This starts with communicating complex information and personal stories in compelling ways. We carefully select the most impactful methods, ranging from social media, paid or earned campaigns, videos, animations, articles, blogs, reports, podcasts, presentations, or events, ensuring optimal reach and engagement with target audiences.

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Strategic Communication

Strategic communication combines meticulous planning, compelling messaging frameworks, and comprehensive campaign management to create measurable impact. With a focus on developing tailored communication strategies, identifying effective channels, and creating engaging content, we help clients effectively navigate the digital landscape and beyond to reach target audiences, track progress, and drive meaningful change.

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