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USAID Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Finance II


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Environmental Incentives (EI) is a partner to Tetra Tech on the five-year, USAID-funded Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Finance II (WASH-FIN 2) activity. WASH-FIN 2 focuses on addressing policy, legal, and regulatory challenges to mobilize private investments, government appropriations, and user fees for climate-resilient water supply and sanitation services, institutions, and providers.

Key project objectives include:

  • Strengthening governance to increase public funding for the WASH sector.
  • Improving climate resilient performance of service providers.
  • Mobilizing finance through project preparation and transaction advisory services.
  • Advancing global learning and partnerships to improve coordination and knowledge sharing across the sector.

As the global learning lead for the project, EI builds on our experience on USAID’s Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership and provides systematic knowledge management and stakeholder engagement to advance USAID’s global thought leadership. EI’s supports efforts to strategically disseminate key information to decision makers to enable action and create lasting change. Sharing knowledge and nuances on what works in public and private financing will help expand access to for climate-resilient water and sanitation services.

WASH-FIN 2 activities will enable targeted countries to access reliable funding for climate-resilient water and sanitation services and support key USAID and U.S. government initiatives, including the U.S. Global Water Strategy 2022-2027 and USAID’s Strategy Vision, the President’s Emergency Plan for Adaptation and Resilience (PREPARE), and the Agency’s 2022-2030 Climate Strategy.

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