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Organizational Development

Creating transformative change can be tricky, as the best approach may not be the fastest or most familiar. We work as a neutral facilitator to help teams untangle structural challenges and identify actionable solutions in the face of organizational complexity.

Our Approach

Organizational development is complex and takes into account the systems, structures, culture, and processes that enable individuals and teams to adapt, change, and grow. We apply our expertise in systems design and interpersonal communication to help teams unlock solutions together. By facilitating productive and actionable conversations, we help individuals and teams navigate change, and provide them with the resources they need to strengthen their individual and collective capacity. The goal of our holistic approach is for individuals and teams to continue to adapt long after our formal partnership comes to a close.

Capacity Strengthening

Systems change begins with assessing and then building individual capacity to meet current and future organizational challenges. Our holistic and integrated approach provides job aids, training, peer-to-peer learning, and other tailored resources so that individuals—and in turn, teams—can learn, grow, and adapt.

Change Management

Successfully navigating change requires identifying organizational leverage points—culture, people, processes, structures, and systems—that impact and are affected by these shifts. We engage with individuals and teams to build awareness of the need for change, and map out sequential actions, goals, and metrics to foster individual and organizational capacities to sustain the change. Throughout the process we take a human-centered approach that promotes individual and organizational buy-in and openly acknowledges challenges.

Lessons for Navigating Organizational Change


Facilitation is key to working together effectively. Skilled facilitators enable individuals to actively contribute, groups to collaborate, and teams to achieve their goals. Whether leading a client meeting or planning a multi-day workshop, EI staff consistently deliver high-quality facilitation in different modalities (virtual, in-person, and hybrid) and utilize best practices in adult learning.

Facilitation to Support Strategy Development

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