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Promoting sustainable growth and enhancing security depend on interrelated objectives: the conservation and stewardship of natural resources; reliable and affordable access to secure, effective energy services; and modern, resilient infrastructure. We help our clients improve the effectiveness of complex energy programs through a strategic approach to communication, knowledge management, and capacity building for learning.

Our Approach

Many communities do not have access to reliable clean sources of energy. As the global demand for energy increases, public, private, and local stakeholders must collaborate to improve efficiency, reliability, and equity. We help our clients find clarity in this complex sector by providing innovative knowledge management solutions to support a culture of continuous learning and evidence building. Our team leverages user-centered design tools to ensure target audiences can access critical information and quickly adapt to meet new challenges and shifting priorities.

Communication Support and Thought Leadership

The energy sector is rife with information, but access to practical, actionable steps is limited. We develop tailored products and tools to enable practitioners across the development sector to quickly respond to information requests, prepare briefs, and develop talking points with the most up-to-date program results and successes, promoting thought leadership and sustainable outcomes.

Power Is Power

Evidence and Learning

Accessible solutions that leverage new technological advances are critical to ensure reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. We supported the development of the USAID Energy Evidence and Learning Framework and an evidence library to ensure decision makers have accurate, actionable information to address key issues and implement effective programming. We also facilitate learning across stakeholders through key technical learning groups.

USAID Energy Evidence and Learning Framework

Capacity Building

Innovations in the energy industry are driving the fight against climate change. Our team builds capacity among our partners to be leaders in a rapidly changing industry. By working closely to support the USAID Energy Division’s Training Series, both participants and non-participants are now able to continuously learn whether they were in the room or not and whether they needed the information when they got back to their desk, or a year later. This approach and commitment to capacity building creates tremendous value for USAID Energy staff and demonstrates the value of making critical resources available to technical audiences.

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