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From 2018–2023 under Sharing Environment and Energy Knowledge (SEEK), Environmental Incentives and our partners Training Resources Group (TRG) and Forum One supported USAID’s Center for Environment, Energy, and Infrastructure to meet Agency objectives in training, communications, knowledge management, and organizational development and facilitation. SEEK worked in close partnership with five operating units: Energy Division, Infrastructure Division, Biodiversity Division, Natural Climate Solutions Division, and Climate and Cross-Sectoral Branch. SEEK’s strategic objectives were designed to support operating units by:

  • Building technical capacity and leadership,
  • Facilitating KM for learning and application, 
  • Enhancing communications and outreach to inform and engage key audiences, and 
  • Strengthening organizational capacity.

Project Outcomes 

Over the course of implementing SEEK, EI provided strategic knowledge management and communications support to advance USAID’s environment programming. Important program outcomes include: 

  • SEEK’s knowledge management platforms received 3.2 million unique page views through May 31, 2023. 
  • 12,366 new resources were uploaded to SEEK’s knowledge management platforms to provide USAID staff and implementing partners access to evidence and learning from USAID’s programming.  
  • 138 newsletters and email campaigns were disseminated to USAID staff and the implementing partner community.  
  • SEEK facilitated Communities of Practice for communications and knowledge management implementing partners for three of SEEK’s operating units.  
  • SEEK transformed USAID’s Biodiversity Conservation Gateway into BiodiversityLinks, USAID’s knowledge portal to advance biodiversity conservation and development.  

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with how organized, coordinated, thoughtful, and thorough your efforts have been. This is truly delivering excellence to the client, and I couldn’t be prouder of this dream team. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

SEEK Chief of Party

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