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USAID Jordan Building Water Infrastructure


  • Middle East



Environmental Incentives (EI) is a partner to CDM Smith on the five-year USAID Jordan Building Water Infrastructure (BWI) activity, which supports the Government of Jordan’s strategic goal of improving water security. Through BWI, USAID will support the water sector to increase water availability by improving management and infrastructure. Additionally, it will assist the Government of Jordan in designing and building infrastructure that optimizes the utilization of Jordan's limited water resources. BWI will further contribute to the USAID Climate Strategy by increasing the adaptive capacity of the water sector. This will be done through integrating climate resilience in water and wastewater infrastructure projects, building the capacity of the water authorities, and informing decision making processes to enhance water governance.

Climate risk management (CRM) is required for nearly all USAID strategies, projects, and activities. Under BWI, EI delivers CRM services including planning, assessing climate-related risks, and incorporating climate risk assessment findings into design and implementation. EI applies USAID’s Climate Risk Screening and Management Tool to guide the BWI Activity and each resulting construction project team through the CRM process. EI also provides monitoring and evaluation advisory support to align BWI results with USAID’s strategic climate objectives.

Photo by Sam Huston for USAID.