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Biodiversity conservation and natural resource management are integral to advancing human prosperity and enabling resilience in the world’s most vulnerable populations. Through Measuring Impact 2 (MI2) Environmental Incentives and our partners Foundations of Success and ICF supported USAID’s Biodiversity Division, Bureau for Africa, and Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean to apply evidence-based adaptive management across the Agency’s $265 million annual biodiversity portfolio. The MI2 team, built on the successes of the predecessor activity Measuring Impact (2012-2018) to strengthen programs that protect natural areas that promote the security, health, and prosperity of local communities.

Project Outcomes and Learning

The MI2 team focused on three strategic approaches—strengthening the enabling conditions for adaptive management, providing field support, and facilitating cross-Mission learning—to build Agency capacity to establish new norms and integrated practices that resulted in more targeted, impactful, and sustainable programs.

Through this work we:

  • continued to increase the commitment and uptake of adaptive management initiated under MI.
  • responded to expanded demand for technical support, increasing our reach from five pilot Missions to 40.
  • supported Agency-wide learning agendas and collaborative learning groups on critical topics related to the Agency's biodiversity and climate goals.
  • analyzed over 900 Biodiversity and integrated program logic models and theory of change diagrams to identify trends and inform the Climate Risk Biodiversity Programming Supplemental Guide, providing practical guidance to incorporate climate change impacts in program planning. 

Ultimately, the MI2 team contributed to advancing USAID's biodiversity programming by addressing barriers, supporting a culture of learning, and building skills across teams.

Lead photo by Jason Houston for USAID.

Community Perspectives in USAID Biodiversity Programs

This video highlights participatory photography workshops supported by USAID. Photojournalist Jason Houston facilitated workshops with local partners in communities in the Philippines, Peru, and Madagascar, to build their skills to capture unique perspectives on biodiversity conservation.

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