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USAID Measuring Impact II

Chitwan National Park, Nepal.


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The Challenge

Biodiversity conservation and natural resource management are integral to advancing human prosperity and enabling resilience in the world’s most vulnerable populations. Each year, substantial investments contribute to addressing natural resource, conservation, and human development issues. USAID is well positioned to lead the conservation sector toward greater efficiency and effectiveness. Likewise, USAID Missions need support to tackle their conservation challenges.

The Solution

Under Measuring Impact II (MI2), Environmental Incentives and its partners will continue to support USAID thought leaders, mission staff, and Washington bureaus to apply evidence-based adaptive management across USAID’s $265 million annual biodiversity portfolio. MI2 offers assistance for best practices in adaptive management and the use and generation of evidence and learning to enhance biodiversity conservation. MI2 also helps to integrate conservation with other development sectors such as health, food security, democracy and governance, and global climate change.

In-person or virtual technical assistance include:

  1. Support for evidence-based design, implementation, and adaptive management of biodiversity and integrated projects and activities—for example, facilitation at activity start-up, pause and reflect workshops, and evidence summits
  2. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) and Collaborating, Learning, and Adapting plan development and implementation
  3. Evaluation design and support
  4. Research, assessments, and analyses on biodiversity conservation topics

The Outcome

MI2 will help USAID to build on the success of Measuring Impact (2012-2018) to strengthen development outcomes. USAID operating units can access MI2 support directly from USAID’s Forestry and Biodiversity core funding, or via a buy-in or field support funding to MI2.

We can co-create lasting change.

We help our partners improve the performance of conservation and development programs.

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