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Jeremy Sokulsky

CEO, Partner

Areas of Expertise

  • Incentive Design
  • Policy Design & Analysis
  • Institutional & Financial Sustainability
  • Strategy & Performance Management
  • Conservation Finance & Performance Contracting
  • Performance Reporting

Education & Certifications

  • MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, UC Berkeley
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Jeremy founded Environmental Incentives to help natural and human communities thrive by improving the performance of conservation and development programs. Under his leadership EI has grown from our roots in the Lake Tahoe Basin to a global company supporting programming throughout the Western U.S. and countries on five contents. While EI works around the world, Jeremy ensures we keep true to our purpose of supporting local community members to enhance the physical, social, and institutional environments within their communities. He has always applied nature-based solutions to address natural and human community needs, and is expanding our reach to meet the climate imperative.

Jeremy applies the concepts of game theory and behavioral economics to the design of environmental programs and policies that break regulatory stand-offs and inspire action. He pioneered water quality accounting and habitat exchange programs that create social and financial incentives for private actors to make environmentally beneficial decisions. These programs have been integrated into regulations and funding initiatives that use credits and indicators to enable ongoing adaptive management and learning. He has also developed performance contracting approaches that engage private capital to deliver higher quality outcomes that are sustained over decades.

Jeremy aspires to have his work influence the decisions and behavior of 1 billion people, inspiring them to take action that improves the environment. He will do this largely by supporting EI’s talented and inspired staff to create solutions that work for our partners and local communities.

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