Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Our Team

Our Leadership

Jeremy Sokulsky
CEO, Partner

Chad Praul

Liz Lauck

Our Team

Maria Celes Abragan
Project Assistant

Brittany Ajroud
Senior Associate

Andrew Alexandrovich
Chief Operating Officer

Erik Anderson
Senior Associate

Jenny Baca, Ph.D.
Senior Associate, Learning Specialist for LAC Region

Melissa Bevins
Senior Knowledge Management and Learning Specialist

Gabrielle Boutemy
Program Cycle Mechanism Fellow

Kristen Boysen

Chetna Chandrasekaran
Senior Business Development Manager

Megan Chery
Senior Associate

Nathan Chesterman

Katherine Connolly
Marketing and Business Development Associate

Caroline Cook
Evidence and Learning Specialist

Molly Daniels headshot

Molly Daniels
Habitat Associate

Natalie Dubois, Ph.D.
Research Specialist

Eleonore Durand headshot

Eleonore Durand
Water Associate

Mauricio Castillo Ferri
Human Resources Associate

Kathleen Flower, Ph.D.
Evidence and Learning Team Lead/ Measuring Impact II

Amy Gambrill
Senior Communications & Knowledge Management Specialist

Tiffany Gibert
Communications Specialist

Sara Grange

Teal Guetschow
Project Assistant

Ryan Haik
Senior Operations Manager

Lexine Hansen
Senior Associate, Outreach and Uptake Lead

Stephan Hardeman
Knowledge Management & Online Content Specialist

Shelly Hicks
Chief of Party, Measuring Impact II

Sue Hoye
Senior Strategic Outreach and Communications Specialist

Elma King
Senior Associate, Deputy Chief of Party/Measuring Impact II

Juan Carlos Martinez
Program Director, Environment Support Services Contract

Elizabeth Motolinia headshot

Elizabeth Motolinia
Project Assistant

Kamweti Mutu
Consultant – Africa Region Conservation

Linda Nico headshot

Linda Nico
Senior Organizational Learning Specialist

Nicholas Oguge, Ph.D.
Chief of Party, Economics of Natural Capital in East Africa Project


Caroline Achieng Ouko, Ph.D.
Deputy Chief of Party, Economics of Natural Capital in East Africa Project (Consultant)

Shawn Peabody
Senior Learning Specialist

Emma Perez
Project Associate

Woman with backpack

Jessica Reilly
Program Manager, LAC Portfolio

Katie Riley
Senior Associate

Erica Schmidt
Program Assistant

Kelsey Schueler
Senior Associate

Richard Spencer
Project Design Fellow

Arica Shay
Finance and Operations Associate

Kyla Tripp
Project Associate

Geeta Uhl
Senior Associate

TjerkvanRooij headshot

Tjerk van Rooij
Adaptive Management and Learning Consultant

Maria Witz
Program Manager

Laurel Wolf
Project Assistant