Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Performance Driven Conservation

Our approach to achieving better environmental outcomes, increasing the environmental return on investment and improving program operations and management.

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What we do

We design performance-driven approaches to conservation, aligning public and private sector objectives to create resilient water, land and wildlife resources.



Our performance-driven stormwater and watershed protection programs improve water quality and foster community development.

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Our programs employ incentives to change human decisions and create meaningful outcomes for threatened species.

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International Conservation

We are building capacity to design, monitor, evaluate, and improve the impact of biodiversity conservation and natural resource management programs around the world.

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Why Environmental Incentives?

EI pioneers performance-driven approaches to conservation, driving improvement of program effectiveness by quantifying project impacts toward clearly defined environmental goals. We support government, philanthropic, non-profit and industry partners to maximize their environmental returns on investment.

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News & Insights

May 9, 2017

Innovative financing for Stormwater Infrastructure

Municipal governments face rising demands to install projects that reduce stormwater runoff and meet a broad set of water quality goals, while having a limited budget to do so. Innovation―for... Read more

February 23, 2017

How Do You Know Adaptive Management When You See It?

Environmental policies and programs that lack the ability to demonstrate results are at risk of losing financial and political support. Part of the problem is that programs that do not... Read more

December 14, 2016

USAID Releases Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program Video

We are proud to announce USAID’s new video called The Biodiversity Cross-Mission Learning Program. The concept for this video was a winning submission by Environmental Incentives from the 2015 Collaborating, Learning,... Read more

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