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Announcing a New Partnership

April 22nd, 2015 — Today Environmental Incentives (South Lake Tahoe, CA) and Sitka Technology Group (Portland, OR) announced a partnering agreement to deliver best-in-class tools for maximizing the environmental return on investment of private and public programs. As public funding sources become more competitive, and regulatory agencies look increasingly to private funding and outcome-based reporting, the two companies believe their complementary offerings uniquely fulfill the needs of environmental regulators, conservation program managers and private companies.

Same Target; Different Tools

Environmental Incentives CEO Jeremy Sokulsky explains, “We both help inject accountability into natural resource management, but we focus on selecting projects based on effectiveness and driving continuous improvement while Sitka’s systems streamline workflow and enable data-driven decisions.” Together the two companies provide products and services for every phase of an environmental program’s lifecycle

  • Program planning: adaptive management, project design
  • Outreach: funders, policy makers, participants
  • Implementation Tracking: metrics, protocols, verification
  • Monitoring: metrics, data management and analysis
  • Reporting & Decision-Marking: governance, performance reports


Building on success: Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

“After seeing the tremendous feedback TRPA received from partner agencies and funders for its Environmental Improvement Program Reporting Tool,” said Sitka Principal Matt Deniston, “we’re convinced that we can leverage EI’s program design expertise and develop similar tools that will substantially enhance other regional restoration programs.”



Sitka Technology Group provides a complete spectrum of software development services, from early-stage needs assessments through iterative development and maintenance and hosting for sustainability-focused programs. Its founding partners have been delivering great software products together since 2003. For additional information, contact Damon Hess at (503) 805-6884 or



Environmental Incentives designs performance-driven approaches to conservation, aligning community and economic development objectives to strengthen our water, land and wildlife resources. Their highly talented staff are environmental thought leaders pioneering a new wave of conservation. For further information contact Eoin Doherty at (530) 541-2980 or



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