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Company Health Driving Internal Strategy for Growth

Company Health serves as the central support hub for Environmental Incentives, managing the company’s finance, human resources, and internal operations and strategy. An integral piece of our sustainable growth into the future, we are excited to announce the advancement of our very own Andrew Alexandrovich to the role of Senior Manager for Company Health.

Andrew Alexandrovich Andrew began working for Environmental Incentives in 2010, and has evolved from an intern to the lead of our internal practices. While working full time, he completed a Master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University. As the Company Health Practice Lead, Andrew supports the achievement of the company’s mission by ensuring sound financial management, aligning management practices with strategic planning goals, and providing systems that enable staff to focus on delivering excellent client service. He also works to maintain and enhance our culture of driven, passionate, and joyful staff- a key driver of success as the company grows into the future.

“Andrew embodies continual improvement, and is nowhere near the top of his growth curve. He appropriately uses our internal processes to test new performance-driven conservation innovations and has advanced our thinking and products related to performance contracting. He has no hesitation to disprove our hypotheses of how to motivate better decisions. Andrew is critical to our ability to multiply our impact in the coming years.” Jeremy Sokulsky, President

In addition to leading the Company Health practice, Andrew has also led the charge to design pay for performance contracts and funding strategies. Adapted from the social sector, this results-focused approach links contract payment to the delivery of verified conservation outcomes. Through this work, he has engaged a wide range of stakeholders to understand their unique opportunities and barriers to develop strategies and tools that meet the needs of all parties.

As the lead of our Pay for Performance service, Andrew will help crosscut learning of how performance-driven financing and contracting approaches can be applied in various conservation contexts, to different types of stakeholders and programs across our areas of practice. Ultimately, this will enable conservation funders and donors to put limited resources towards the most meaningful actions, cost-effectively and efficiently creating more environmental benefit per dollar spent.

Andrew is motivated by communities of people that work together to achieve challenging conservation goals. He is inspired to manage the internal operations of the company so that Environmental Incentives can continue its mission to have a positive impact on the environment.

Learn more about Andrew and our work in Pay for Performance contracting.



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