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EI Joins EnCompass on USAID’s TOPS

We are pleased to share we will be joining EnCompass LLC as a partner on the Technical, Operational, and Program Support (TOPS) institutional support contract for USAID’s Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation (DDI) as well as other operating units. In addition to identifying and recruiting long- and short-term technical assistance providers, we will be delivering the training and support needed to empower the workforce and successfully deliver solutions to meet the pressing challenges brought on by the global climate crisis.

Through this work, our team will:

  • Facilitate more evidence-driven technical decisions across missions and operating units at USAID
  • Strengthen a positive, high-performing workforce with staff at all career levels contributing to a culture of excellence and advancing USAID’s objectives around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Develop and sustain a diverse, networked talent pipeline and continually grow new talent through internships, alumni networks, training, and other relevant professional development efforts

“We need all hands on deck to solve the climate crisis, and TOPS will be an excellent vehicle to meet that challenge. This is a critical opportunity to shape the future of climate, energy, and infrastructure work by developing and supporting the individuals driving that work” said Amy Gambrill, TOPS Lead for Environmental Incentives.

Environmental Incentives brings a wealth of experience in individual and organizational capacity building, evidence-driven decision making, and cross-sector collaboration to the TOPS project. Together, the team will take a holistic approach to develop and sustain a diverse talent pipeline, strengthen the current high-performing workforce, and facilitate more evidence-driven technical decisions across DDI.


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