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EI Leads Stormwater Cost-Benefit Analysis for City of San Diego

San Diego’s coastline and water resources are crucial to its attractiveness and economic vitality. Yet, the initial estimate to meet beach and stream water quality standards for bacteria exceeded $3 billion. Environmental Incentives is leading the team to evaluate the economic benefits from improving water quality, including recreation, increased property values and reduced health care costs. Our team is also analyzing the ability for the San Diego coalition of co-permittees to pay for water quality improvements, including evaluating ways to meet the public health standard at lower cost.

The analyses are defined specifically to inform policy decisions related to:

  • Adjusting bacteria regulatory endpoints
  • Adjusting the strategy for achieving bacteria load reductions
  • Changing the schedule of compliance


Our work plan, available on the website of the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board, has undergone technical and public review and we are starting to deliver initial results to the multi-agency steering committee. Final results are expected in April 2017 and will inform decisions that affect the San Diego Basin Plan and the Water Quality Improvement Plans for the City of San Diego, San Diego County and Orange County.


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