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EIP Project Tracker Offers Window to Tahoe’s Restoration

The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, a long-time client of Environmental Incentives, published a press release yesterday announcing the availability of the Lake Tahoe EIP Project Tracker. This new system puts comprehensive information about “Lake-Saving Projects” funded through the Lake Tahoe Environmental Improvement Program (EIP) at the fingertips of local residents, local agency staff, and funders. Further, the system reports project and program-level accomplishments using performance measures to help EIP program management, funders and other stakeholders understand the return on the federal, state, local and private funds invested in the EIP.

Sitka Technology Group, a formal partner of Environmental Incentives, led the design, built and now maintains the EIP Project Tracker. Environmental Incentives led the development of the performance measures reported by the EIP Project Tracker, and provided performance reporting and work flow expertise during the design and development of the EIP Project Tracker.

A few excerpts from the press release:

  • “The Environmental Improvement Program has delivered significant benefits for the environment and recreation at Lake Tahoe. The Project Tracker is a powerful new website that improves transparency and accountability and allows us to better showcase the great work being done,” said Kimberly Caringer, Environmental Improvement Program Division Manager at the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency.
  • Partners have completed more than 450 projects since the Environmental Improvement Program launched in 1997. The program is one of the most ambitious and successful environmental restoration initiatives in the nation.
  • Projects have improved stormwater collection and treatment on 703 miles of roads, improved forest health and cleared hazardous fuels on 59,520 acres of forest, restored more than 16,000 acres of wildlife habitat, improved public access to 2,770 feet of Lake Tahoe shoreline, inspected 44,000 boats for invasive species, treated 38 acres of lakebed for invasive weeds and clams, and built or improved 143 miles of bike trails and pedestrian routes.
  • “With the EIP Project Tracker, the average citizen has the opportunity to better understand how public dollars have been spent to restore the lake,” said Jesse Patterson, Deputy Director of the League to Save Lake Tahoe. “Transparency like this is critical to maintain the public’s trust and the goodwill we’ll need to secure long-term public funding to adequately Keep Tahoe Blue for years to come.”


Read the full TRPA press release here.


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