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Environmental Incentives Working with the Puget Sound to Demonstrate Effective Recovery Efforts

Environmental Incentives is partnering with Sitka Technology Group and Hook Environmental to support the Puget Sound Partnership as they work to optimize the data systems that inform conservation strategy and planning in the Puget Sound.

The Puget Sound Partnership is leading the region’s collective effort to restore and protect the Puget Sound ecosystem. This effort is guided by the Action Agenda, a collective set of strategies that inform investment decisions throughout the region. Through this project our team is supporting the Puget Sound Partnership and its broad set of partners to assess their current data systems and refine and develop performance measures that demonstrate progress toward ecosystem recovery goals.

“Environmental Incentives is thrilled to join Sitka Technology Group and Hook Environmental in helping the Puget Sound assess and communicate the effectiveness of recovery efforts. This is an exciting opportunity for our team to help the Puget Sound make performance-driven decisions and increase the effectiveness of their conservation efforts,” said Eoin Doherty, lead for Environmental Incentives’ Wildlife and Land Practice.

Environmental Incentives and Sitka Technology Group have a long-standing partnership leveraging performance information to inspire action around community and environmental goals. Environmental Incentives’ expertise in performance-driven program design and Sitka’s technology infrastructure combine to help entities get the most from their investments in the environment.


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