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Jeremy Sokulsky Provides Key Note Address at Connections 2015

Environmental Incentives’ CEO, Jeremy Sokulsky, provided the key note address at the first annual Connections Conference on June 22, 2015 at Incline Village, Nevada. The Conference, which drew participation from ecologists, planners and business leaders from California and Nevada, focused on how to connect urban communities to the mountain resources that provide water, clean air and recreational outlets. Jeremy’s keynote address emphasized the importance of delivering on the promise of conservation outcomes. To do this he outlined a plan to first identify truly important issues that can be substantially improved through conservation on private and public lands. Then by combining data and a compelling narrative around these issues, communities are encouraged to take action and funders are inspired to invest in these initiatives. This approach, commonly referred to as Performance Driven Conservation creates a commitment to delivering results consistent with the data used to inspire interest. Performance Driven Conservation programs create immediate feedback linking the improvements made from conservation projects to the outcomes that improve land, water and wildlife. Building on the Lake Tahoe location for the conference, Jeremy used the example of the Lake Clarity Crediting Program to illustrate how reporting Lake Clarity Credits allow interested stakeholders to check on the progress of restoring lake clarity like they check the score of their favorite sports team.

Click here for more information on the Connections 2015 Conference.


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