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Learning from Learning Efforts- Organizational Learning at USAID

Learning from experiences to improve future actions has been a priority of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) for decades. Indeed, a number of approaches to learning and knowledge management have already been tried in the Agency through general and sector specific initiatives, with varying results. Few, however, have been able to achieve sustained cross-Mission learning for conservation interventions.

This technical analysis explores previous and ongoing social learning efforts, best practices, challenges, and lessons in USAID as a foundation for improving the implementation and design of the Agency’s forestry and biodiversity programs. This analysis is particularly relevant as the Bureau of Economic Growth, Education and the Environment’s Office of Forestry and Biodiversity (E3/FAB) begins to develop a Cross-Mission Learning Program under the Measuring Impact initiative, a five-year activity to promote the adoption of best practices in the USAID program cycle among Missions using biodiversity funds. The findings reported in this document can help inform the overall design and structure of the Learning Program and provide insight into possible challenges and best practices.

Full Report Here

(originally published on Learning Lab)


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