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Lesser Prarie Chicken Habitat Exchange Gains National Attention

Can we develop our nation’s energy resources and foster economic growth in a way that protects wildlife and the landscapes on which they depend?

The Wall Street Journal asked this question in their July 19th  article, “Save a Chicken, Drill a Well” which highlighted the Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat Exchange as an innovative approach to species conservation which provides “creative solutions that benefit both landowners and the lesser prairie chicken.”

Environmental Incentives is providing expert guidance to a robust and rare partnership between farmers and ranchers, energy companies, conservation scientists, and environmental groups working collaboratively to develop the Lesser Prairie Chicken Habitat Exchange.

This effort allows energy companies and other land users to offset impacts to the species by purchasing credits from landowners who create, maintain or improve habitat. In that way, the Habitat Exchange also creates a new revenue stream for farmers and ranchers who choose to grow or protect habitat.

To learn more, check out the full Wall Street Journal article here.


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