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Regional Collaboration Key for Climate Resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean

Many Latin American nations are on the front lines of the climate crisis, facing both prolonged droughts and increasingly severe tropical storms and hurricanes. To meet the climate imperative, leaders must understand the gaps and opportunities within existing systems and structures to better inform collective decision-making. With support from USAID, Environmental Incentives and ICF International recently conducted a resilience assessment for the Caribbean region, opening opportunities to advance climate action across the region. The USAID Climate Resilience and Disaster Recovery Capacity Assessment for the Caribbean Region Gaps and Opportunities Assessment Report draws on the input of 33 key informants, USAID consultations, and in-depth desk research. Across the report, the findings are clear – an integrated, multisectoral, and multi-hazard approach is imperative for building climate and disaster resilience.

The Gaps and Opportunities Assessment builds on EI’s considerable experience strengthening the enabling environment for collective action by ensuring diverse stakeholders have the right information at the right time to drive decision-making. In 2020, with USAID support, EI and partner Dalberg Global Development Advisors conducted an analysis of key environmental and energy trends that will affect Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) from 2020-2030. At the same time, EI teams conducted a study integrating disaster and climate risk in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean with USAID’s food security resilience guidance. Both assessments informed the recent Gaps and Opportunities Assessment.

In addition to developing the evidence base for decision-making, EI focuses on strengthening stakeholder capacities for locally led climate actions. In 2022, EI facilitated a participatory workshop to create a common vision for Andean Water Funds–strengthening climate resilience for local financial mechanisms that ensure ecosystem services for over 22.5 million people in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


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