Environmental Incentives
Environmental Incentives

Our Approach

At Environmental Incentives, we believe that healthy environments are the foundation of resilient communities. We are working with local governments, municipalities, national and international development partners, and nonprofits to maximize investments in the environment and unlock new opportunities to improve outcomes for both people and nature.

We take a performance-driven approach to conservation and development, which:

  1. achieves better outcomes;
  2. increases return on investment; and
  3. improves program efficiency and management.

We use information as the anchor to enhance learning and inspire confidence that initiatives are worthy of ongoing support.

Performance-driven programs use:


Define aspirational yet achievable targets that inspire action


Link individual actions to regional goals


Influence decision-making and change behavior


Provide performance feedback and communicate meaningful outcomes

Adaptive management and learning

Facilitate continual improvement


By aligning the incentives of individual actors with community and environmental goals, we can maximize the impact of conservation programs. Performance feedback can influence peoples’ decisions and behavior when linked to:

social incentives icon

Social incentives leverage the desire to be recognized by peers and stakeholders for positive contributions and to avoid criticism from negative impacts. Public reporting increases the intensity of social incentives.

financial incentives icon

Financial incentives leverage the desire to achieve financial gain and avoid financial loss. Linking payment to performance increases the effectiveness of actions and aligns the incentives between funders and implementers.

regulatory incentives icon

Regulatory incentives leverage the fear of negative social or financial effects that will result if laws or industry norms are not followed.

How We Work

We empower our public and private sector clients to recognize and reward measurable outcomes, frequently working with them on multiple engagements to incrementally design and implement elements of performance-driven conservation. Whether tackling a problem from the ground up or adapting and improving existing initiatives, we incorporate the interests of diverse stakeholder groups to create meaningful and lasting solutions that support organizational and behavior change. Our typical client engagement flows through a version of the following steps.