Climate Change is Happening, Conservation is Not – At Least Not at the Rate and Scale Needed

  October 17, 2017      Jeremy Sokulsky  

Our need to mitigate and adapt to climate change adds to the existing stress on California’s water and land resources. As tax payers continue to approve billions of dollars for conservation, we have the responsibility to innovate how bonds and general funds are used, maximizing their impact to achieve multiple goals. Moving beyond policies that… Read more »

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Western State Partners Convene in Pay for Performance Workshop

  October 4, 2017      Andrew Alexandrovich  

September 19 – 20, Reno, Nevada. Environmental Incentives and Partners for Western Conservation convened state and federal agency staff, working land owners, and conservation finance professionals from western states for a workshop focused on furthering the use of pay for performance in conservation programs. Workshop attendees grappled with ways to use outcome-based approaches to increase habitat and… Read more »

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Performance-Driven Stormwater Notches a “Win” in Lake Tahoe

  September 20, 2017      Evan Branosky  

First-year results of the Lake Clarity Crediting Program demonstrate real progress toward reducing pollutants from entering Lake Tahoe. Combined, stormwater managers have exceeded their target of reducing fine sediment in runoff by 10 percent. We know because the Lake Clarity Crediting Program tracks and reports water quality results, with a consistent framework linking actions on-the-ground with… Read more »

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Company Health Driving Internal Strategy for Growth

  August 31, 2017      Renae Golden  

Company Health serves as the central support hub for Environmental Incentives, managing the company’s finance, human resources, and internal operations and strategy. An integral piece of our sustainable growth into the future, we are excited to announce the advancement of our very own Andrew Alexandrovich to the role of Senior Manager for Company Health. Andrew… Read more »

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