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International Conservation Practice Welcomes Kathleen Flower, Senior Associate

The International Conservation practice is thrilled to welcome Kathleen Flower, joining the team as a Senior Associate. She brings more than fifteen years of experience in the natural resource management field, with expertise in conservation, international development and capacity building.

Kathleen has substantial work experience in North America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia. She has successfully implemented multi-year conservation and development projects for international NGOs in all three regions, led marine capacity building and research initiatives in the Coral Triangle, improved rural inland aquaculture in Cameroon as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and built her own business and client base as an independent international conservation consultant.

Cape buffalo in Kruger National Park

Cape buffalo in Kruger National Park, South Africa / Photo by Kathleen Flower

As part of her research for her Ph.D. in biology, Kathleen led a field-based independent project in South Africa that provided data to improve the management of a small-scale fishery important for food security among rural communities.

She is passionate about planning, designing, and leading projects that improve species and ecosystem health and sustainably advance human well-being.

Using her expertise in capacity development, learning, and communications, Kathleen will support several facets of the International Conservation practice area, including the Measuring Impact project for USAID and new business development.

Kathleen is based in Maputo, Mozambique, where she has lived for the past two and a half years. Her current location and substantial experience in Africa and Asia grounds her in the realities, opportunities, and challenges of conservation in a development context.

Southern Africa is witnessing growth in the fields of protected area management, environmentally sustainable economic development, and combating wildlife trafficking. The conservation community’s focus on these three conservation strategies is likely to provide new opportunities for engagement for Environmental Incentives, and its partners, in the near and longer term.

Please join us in welcoming Kathleen!



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